THREE Baby & Kids Skin Pure Soap
80g 100% naturally derived ingredients

¥2,800 (excluding tax)


“Babies and toddlers’ skin is at early stages of development. Wash it gently.”

In contrast to its full, plump look, baby and toddler skin has little moisture or sebum, and tends to dry out easily.
THREE formulated its Pure Soap from 100% natural ingredients such as plant oils and extracts specifi cally for baby and toddler skin.
The moisture-rich, creamy foam is gentle even on dry skin.
It washes away dirt to leave fresh, hydrated, and soft skin, with a wafting aroma of mandarins.

How to use


Prewash the face, head and body with lukewarm water.
With wet hands, roll the soap to make a good lather.
Apply the foam following steps 1 to 7 below.

1. (Front of the body) From the shoulders to the upper and lower arms, and then the fingertips.
2. (Front of the body) Downward from the neck to the chest and then the stomach.
3. (Front of the body) From the start of the legs to the toes.
4. (Back of the body) On the back of the body, start from the shoulders again, to the upper and lower arms, then the fingertips.
5. (Back of the body) Downward from the back of the neck to the back, then the bottom.
6. (Back of the body) To finish off with, apply the foam to the start of the legs, then to the back of the knees and the toes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, making sure there’s no residue left.
7. (Face) Gently apply the foam from the forehead as if you are drawing heart shapes symmetrically, making sure it doesn’t go into the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Moisturizing and Emollient ingredients
<Essential oils>
Lavender oil / Tea tree oil / Mandarin orange peel oil

<Botanical oils and fats>
Olive oil / Coconut oil / Shea butter / Jojoba oil

<Botanical water>
Orange fruit water

Laminaria ochroleuca extract / Malva sylvestris flower extract / Lavender flower extract

*100% of the ingredients are naturally derived. 83% of the ingredients are organically grown.
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