THREE Baby & Kids Milky Emulsion
150mL 99% naturally derived ingredients

¥3,500 (excluding tax)


“Prevents dehydration with a smooth and comfortable texture.”

This Milky Emulsion for the whole body is made from 99% natural ingredients.
The pleasant texture and naturally fresh fragrance make skin-to-skin contact with your kids all the more rewarding.
The Emulsion glides onto the skin smoothly with a lovely-feeling plant-derived moisture, leaving even chapping-prone skin moisturized.
It also leaves a protective layer which holds in moisture with little stickiness to help avoid the skin drying.

How to use
Use on clean skin after taking a bath.
Take an appropriate amount and warm it up on your palm.
Apply the emulsion gently, following steps 1 to 7 below.

1. (Back of the body) From the back of the neck to the back, then the bottom.
2. (Back of the body) From the start of the legs, to the back of the knees, the calves then the toes.
3. (Back of the body) From the shoulders to the outside of the upper arms, elbows then the fingertips.
4. (Front of the body) On the front of the body, downward from the neck again, to the chest then the stomach.
5. (Front of the body) From the start of the legs, the knees, shins and then the toes.
6. (Front of the body) From the shoulders to the inside of the upper arms, the inside of the elbows, then the fingertips.
7. (Face) Gently apply it downward from the forehead as if you are drawing heart shapes symmetrically, making sure you apply it to the sides of and under the nose.

*To start using the emulsion, push the pump on the dispenser for a few times until the content comes out.

Moisturizing and Emollient ingredients
<Essential oils>
Lavender oil / Tea tree oil / Frankincense oil / Mandarin orange peel oil

<Botanical oils and fats>
Argan oil / Olive oil / Shea butter / Jojoba oil

<Botanical water>
Orange fruit water / Grape berry water

Laminaria ochroleuca extract / Malva sylvestris flower extract

*99% of the ingredients are naturally derived. 15% of the ingredients are organically grown.
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