THREE Advanced Ethereal Smooth Operator Fluid Foundation
Available in eight shades 30mL 84% naturally derived ingredients

¥8,000 each (excluding tax)



Free of UV absorbers
Free of parabens
Achieve exquisitely bright and radiant skin with the Smooth Lifting effect.
A fluid foundation that brings out radiant natural beauty by firming up the skin prepared with the primer from the same line.
“Smooth Fiber,” a new botanical ingredient* in the form of translucent fibers, replenishes the skin with vitality for a smooth and plump texture.
Forming a “Fiber Net” that fits like a part of the natural skin, it smoothens textural irregularities.
As well as reducing any “noise” on the skin surface caused by darkening, it also minimizes pores and maintains a translucent finish.
With the Smooth Lifting effect that tightens the overall skin, THREE’s original formula firms the skin texture effortlessly and comfortably.
For signs of aging and other skin concerns. To express your individuality with a superb finish.
To enjoy comfortable make-up at your pleasure.
Effortlessly correcting skin concerns and creating a balanced complexion, it leaves a flawless and radiant look exuding confidence.
*An ingredient newly contained in the THREE base make-up line
Using as few strokes as possible, apply from the center of the face outward, as if to smooth the Fiber Net all over as you push up the skin.
For wide areas of the face, apply with the finger extended; for small areas of the face such as the sides of the nose and around the eyes, apply with the ball of the finger.

Contains Smooth Fiber, a new ingredient*
The Smooth Lifting effect delivers a visibly firmer, uplifted finish. The supple yet high-strength botanical fibers keep the skin comfortable as they maintain a beautiful finish throughout the day.
Containing oil-absorbing powder
The formula combining the Smooth Fiber and oil-absorbing powder maintains the thin makeup film and retains the color. It keeps a beautiful finish all day long, with no need to worry about smudging from the sebum, smudging, or visible pores.
Containing nine kinds of botanical oils, fats and extracts
Tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, moringa butter, Scutellaria root extract, grape extract, great burnet extract
“Free of” formulation that is kind to skin
Free of UV absorbers/parabens/synthetic fragrances/mineral oils/organic pigments
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