THREE Advanced Ethereal Smooth Operator Primer
Available in a single variety 30mL 84% naturally derived ingredients

¥5,500 (excluding tax)


Free of parabens
Texture as well as skin tone.
A beauty serum-inspired primer that awakens the beauty in you.
With a texture resembling a beauty serum, the sumptuously hydrating primer glides on seamlessly, evening out the skin texture.
The skincare-inspired primer replenishes skin with moisture compounds enriched with botanical blessings, smoothening textural irregularities and uneven skin tone caused by dehydration or disturbance in the skin barrier to leave an even and velvety texture.
Also contained in the foundation launched at the same time, “Smooth Fiber” is a new botanical ingredient* that creates an ultra-thin Fiber Net on the skin surface.
It covers dullness and prepares an even, bright complexion.
The petal-fresh hue tints the clear skin and infuses vitality, translucence and a natural glow.
It also corrects uneven skin tone and replenishes the complexion with natural color and vivacity.
Effortless and stress-free to create an exquisite finish, the primer will also please you with the comfortable wear and superb result.
*An ingredient newly contained in the THREE base make-up line
Using as few strokes as possible, apply from the center of the face outward, as if to smooth the Fiber Net all over as you push up the skin.
For wide areas of the face, apply with the finger extended; for small areas of the face such as the sides of the nose and around the eyes, apply with the ball of the finger.

Contains Smooth Fiber, a new ingredient*
A botanical ingredient, Smooth Fiber creates an ultra-thin Fiber Net on the skin surface and smoothens textural irregularities, leaving the skin clear and bright.
With its effect to prevent moisture released from skin, it leaves dry skin firm and plump.
Containing nine kinds of botanical oils, fats and extracts
Tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, moringa butter, Scutellaria root extract, grape extract, great burnet extract
“Free of” formulation that is kind to skin
Free of parabens/synthetic fragrances/mineral oils/organic pigments
Petal-fresh hue corrects uneven skin color, regardless of skin tone
Covering any dullness, it adds natural glow and translucence to the skin.
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