THREE Foot & Leg Treatment Oil AC R
80mL 86% naturally derived ingredients

¥5,000 (excluding tax)


This oil is formulated to a viscosity that is perfect for massaging the feet and legs.

The blend of lemon peel oil and three different oils has a fresh scent that boosts the spirit and freshens up the skin.

Massage the back of the feet that were trapped in shoes all day, calves and thighs with a kneading motion to promote circulation. The legs become toned and smooth.


How to use
Apply on clean skin after taking a bath. (Treatment becomes more effective when the skin is warm as it absorbs the oil better.) Take an adequate amount of oil (6 to 8 drops per leg), warm it up between your palms and spread it on the legs from the toes to the thighs. Massage the entire leg to let the oil penetrate into the skin.

<Essential oils>
Lemon peel oil, Frankincense oil, Eucalyptus radiata leaf oil*, Patchouli oil

<Botanical oils>
Argan oil, Olive oil, Tea seed oil, Jojoba oil, Borage oil, Yuzu seed oil
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