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An organic and earth-friendly formula for protecting the skin on hands.
A COSMOS-certified organic hand lotion using 99% naturally derived ingredients, with organic fermented ethanol as the base.
The ingredients have been carefully selected as it is something you use frequently and throughout the day, for example before each meal.
The alcohol contained in this product is organic fermented ethanol distilled from organically grown sugar cane.
One of THREE’s original ingredients, the lemon fruit extract is obtained from organic lemon fruits that are rare in Japan. With a refreshing citrus herbal green aroma, the blended essential oil keeps the skin pristine.
The subtle and natural scent is not overly noticeable at meal times.
With a non-greasy and refreshing texture, it prevents dehydration and replenishes the hands with moisture.
Also recommended for those who are prone to chapped hands, the lotion is a daily essential that nourishes the skin on hands comfortably.
*Using organic ethanol with approximately 65 vol% alcohol concentration.
<How to use>
Take an adequate amount on the palms and massage into the fingertips. Apply liberally to the back of the hands and wrists, as well as between the fingers, thumbs and fingertips. Gently massage in to distribute the lotion all over the hands and fingers, until the texture becomes smooth.

[Essential oils]
Rosemary oil / Niaouli oil / Eucalyptus radiata oil / Frankincense oil / Mandarin orange peel oil
Lemon fruit extract / Tea leaf extract
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