THREE Full Body Treatment & Bath Salt Bergamot
40g×7 sachets 95% naturally derived ingredients

¥3,000 (excluding tax)


“Make your skin smooth like silk while warming the body from inside during your bath time every day.”


This product consists of natural ingredients in a good balance, the natural salt condensed in the Nanko Plum from Wakayama Prefecture, organic essential oil, and Yuzu seed oil from Kochi prefecture.
After scrub massaging directly on the skin using your hand, you can take a bath in the bathtub without washing it off.
After scrubbing, the part you feel rough before will also be smooth.
The skin after bathing will be moist, and the body will be warmed up from inside. It makes you forget your stress and fatigue, and take your mind and body together to the best relaxation time.

Sodium chloride, Plum fruit extract (Emollient ingredient) Fragrance Emollient ingredient

[How to use]                                        
〈Use as body scrub〉
・Rub the bag lightly, take it in your hand and apply directly on wet skin.

If you scrub too strong, it may scratch your skin, so please massage gently.
※ It is for the body, so please do not use it on your face.
・After massage, please rinse thoroughly with a shower, or take a bath without washing it off.
※ After the shower, please wash off the floor of the bathroom well.
If it is left on the floor, the floor may become slippery and it is very dangerous.
〈Use as bath salt〉
Rub the bag lightly, melt 1 package in 180L-200L hot water and then take a bath.

<Essential oils>
BE: Bergamot furuit oil (emollient ingredient)

<Botanical oils/fats>
Jojoba seed oil, yuzu seed oil (moisutrizing agent)

<Botanical extracts>
Prunus mume fruit extract (moisturizing agent)

<Botanical water>
Prunus mume fruit water (moisturizing agent)
【Kinds of essential oils】
MA(formulated with Mandarin orange peel oil)
BE(formulated with Bergamot fruit oil)
GF(formulated with Grapefruit peel oil)
LE(formulated with Lemon peel oil)
OR(formulated with Orange peel oil)
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