THREE Room Fregrance Aroma Mist
250mL 97% naturally derived ingredients

¥2,200 (excluding tax)

ER: Eucalyptus
OR: Orange
GR: Grapefruit


“Make your space comfortable with aroma, natural room fragrance”


It consists of organic essential oil such as thyme and tea tree, with organic peppermint extract from Kumamoto and tea leaf extract from Asamiya. It is a natural room fragrance that is safe to touch it with your skin.


[How to use]
Please spray it in the air, at a distance from the floor, furniture, and wall.

[Essential oil variation]
ER: Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiate leaf / stem oil blended)
CLEAR……Refreshing green herbal tone. For the family with a pet or for the kitchen

OR:Orange (orange peel oil blended)
CONFORT……Faintly sweet citrus tone .Make the space where the whole family can relax.

GF:Grapefruit (grapefruit peel oil blended)
ADVANCE……Refreshing spice tone. Makes the space a stress less one.
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