3 types (OPEN MIND / POSSIBILITY / RELIEVED) 100% Naturally derived ingredients 74 mL

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Lifestyle × Breathing × Space
Every space in your home has a different role and status of air depending on its purpose or use.
The effect of fragrance keeps your body and mind in optimal condition for where you are.
Under the concept of “Purify and condition the air,” home fragrances that harmonize with a space and its role will come into the world.
THREE Holistic Care aims to use essential oils to “approach multiple functions,” not just as “aroma” oils.
Open your mind, concentrate and get to sleep.
Designed to suit the role and character of a space as well as our behavior there, 3 types of fragrances will be released.
The gentle fragrance of natural essential oil is modest, yet comfortably uplifts your mind.
A home fragrance that perfectly suits where we are and ourselves from the moment it is sprayed into the air.
With THREE’s original Camellia sinensis leaf extract and lemon fruit extract ingredients, these fragrances produce a space in which you want to take a deep breath.
[How to use]
Gently shake the container before use to disperse the essential oils evenly. Spray into the air where you wish to have the fragrance. Keep away from the floor, furniture, fabric goods and walls.
THREE Home Fragrance Open Mind
<For Entrance> For communication area. Multi-functional aroma blend
For a living room where people gather. Also, for the entrance hall where an individual meets society and hygiene measures are required.
Home fragrance with purifying essential oil designed for a space that creates an impression of home.
With thyme oil, eucalyptus radiata oil and tea tree oil, refreshing top note followed by slightly sweet heart note. Elegant herbal-green scent with pure cleanliness and brightness makes a room comfortable, open and purifying.
THREE Home Fragrance Possibility
<For Study Room> To improve concentration while working or studying Clearing aroma blend for body and mind
Use of a study room and work space has been modified along with changes in lifestyle.
This home fragrance is designed for a place you can use flexibly and concentrate on your work in, including an office, a place of learning, and a working space.
Among many essential oils, rosemary oil, niaouli oil and laurel oil are selected for their mind-sharpening effect that improves concentration. Sagacious herbal-green scent that keeps your body and mind clear, leading you to a space where creative possibilities are born.
THREE Home Fragrance Relieved
<For Bedroom> For a relaxing and comfortable environment. Tranquil aroma blend for a sound sleep and good rest
Good sleep is important to maintain homeostasis and beautiful skin.
This home fragrance is designed to produce a space that heals daily fatigue and restores energy for the next day.
Bergamot fruit oil as a top note to maintain a good balance of body and mind, and bitter orange leaf/twig oil as a heart note to stabilize your body and mind. Neroli oil is also blended to settle your mind for a calm and deep sleep.
Floral citrus green scent that leads you to good sleep and creates a relaxing and tranquil space.

Special ingredients common in 3 types
[Essential oils]
Frankincense Oil / Patchouli Oil / Mandarin Orange Peel Oil
Tea leaf extract / Lemon fruit extract
Special ingredients of each type
[Essential oils]
OPEN MIND: Thyme Oil, Eucalyptus Radiata Oil, Tea Tree Oil
POSSIBILITY: Rosemary Oil, Niaouli Oil, Laurel Oil
RELIEVED: Bergamot Fruit Oil, Bitter Orange Leaf/Twig Oil, Neroli Oil
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