THREE For Men Gentling Emulsion
100mL 98% naturally derived ingredients

¥6,500 (excluding tax)


“Leaves skin supple and firm with a refreshing feel.”
This emulsion smooths men’s stickiness-prone skin, maintaining a refreshing feel all day.
It forms a moisturizing barrier to prevent dehydration, suppressing stickiness and shine for hours.
It maintains a fresh and clean impression of the skin.
How to use
・Gently shaking the container, make the ingredients well mixed in a uniform.
・Pump an adequate amount (1-2 pushes in the morning and 2-3 at night) onto the palm of your hand and warm it up.
・Spread it over the palms of both hands and breathe steadily, inhaling the aroma before you blend the emulsion into your skin.

A. Take a deep breath, then apply it by sliding both hands outwards from the center of your face.
B. Use the balls of your fingers to massage it in as though gently pressing it into your skin. Especially the parts which will easy get oily.
C. Don’t forget to blend onto the zone around your ears, hair root.
・Gently hold your whole face with your hands to further blend the emulsion into your skin.

Moisturizing and Emollient ingredients
<Essential oils>
Niaouli oil / Bergamot peel oil / Lavender oil / Rosemary oil
<Botanical oils and fats>
Avocado oil / Olive oil / Tea seed oil / Jojoba oil / Moringa oil
<Botanical water>
Cranberry fruit water / Prunus cerasus fruit water / Apple fruit water
Sake lees extract / Gentian root extract / Soymilk fermented liquid / Bergamot fruit extract / Wine yeast extract
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