THREE Hair Care & Styling Cream
40g 86% naturally derived ingredients

¥3,000 (excluding tax)


This cream has the hold of a wax, allowing complete control over your look.

With a non-sticky texture that never feels heavy, it’s easy to work into your hair.

Whether you want to add height to your hairstyle or give the ends a more dynamic look, this helps you to create just the style you want and keeps it in place for hours.

In addition, you can restyle your hair as often as you choose, just by running your fingers through it.

<Essential oils>
Ylang ylang oil / Rose geranium oil / Bergamot fruit oil / Petitgrain oil (emollient ingredient)

<Botanical oils and fats>
Argan oil / Jojoba oil / Olive oil / Shea butter / Candelilla wax / Beeswax / Carnauba wax (moisturizing ingredient)

<Botanical water>
Maple water / Rosemary water (moisturizing ingredient)
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