99% Naturally derived ingredients 16mL × 6 sheets COSMOS organic-certified cosmetic

¥6,800 (excluding tax)


Awakening the skin’s dewiness and clarity
The arrival of a spa-inspired, organic beauty serum mask
For skin that is susceptible to imbalances due to irregular lifestyle or stress, a spa-inspired beauty serum sheet mask made with organic materials is making its debut.
Adhering snugly to the cleansed skin, the soft sheet drenches it with moisture and expertly selected botanical ingredients.
It softens the horny layer that is prone to becoming dry and stiff, serving as a booster that increases skincare penetration afterward.
Enveloped in a pleasant aroma of blended essential oils, the natural balance of the mind, body and skin is restored and the complexion is refreshed with dewiness and clarity.
<How to use>
Use after washing your face, before applying lotion. After taking a bath in the evening or before applying makeup in the morning, use it whenever you feel like resetting your mind.
1: Take a sheet mask out of the bag and unfold it. Place it onto your face, adjusting the mask to match up with your eyes first.
2: Next, adjust the mask to fit between your eyebrows and along your nose and mouth.
3: Then, adjust the mask to fit symmetrically to the entire face, smoothening toward the outline of your face.
4: Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, breathing deeply and enjoying the aroma before removing it.
5: Gently massage into your skin any excess beauty serum using the palms of your hands.

[Essential oils]
Frankincense oil / Geranium oil / Bergamot fruit oil / Mandarin orange peel oil / Neroli oil
[Botanical oils]
Tea seed oil / Olive oil / Jojoba oil
Tea flower extract / Tea leaf extract / Mushroom extract / Iodobacter extract*
[Botanical & Mineral Water]
Orange Fruit Water / Hot Spring Water / Striped Bamboo Water / Apple Fruit Water
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