THREE Balancing Emulsion
100mL 97% naturally derived ingredients

¥6,800 (excluding tax)


Tenderly melts into your skin, bringing out a perfectly-balanced elasticity.


With its rich yet fresh texture, this emulsion effortlessly blends into your skin. Boasting a lavish abundance of botanical bounties, this achieves the perfect balance of moisture without stickiness as well as making you skin more supple and glowing with health. Leaves your skin plump and supple with a gently alluring velvet smoothness.


How to use

After conditioning the skin with lotion, take an adequate amount (1 pump) on the hand and gently spread it on the entire face.

<Essential oils>
Frankincense oil, Bergamot fruit oil, Rosemary oil, Marjoram oil, Sandalwood oil

<Botanical oils and fats>
Jojoba oil, Evening primrose oil, Tea seed oil, Argan oil, Rosehip oil

<Botanical water>
Apple fruit water, Sasa kurilensis water, Rose geranium flower water

<Botanical extracts>
Kagabuto cucumber extract, Ripe bitter melon extract, Loofah extract, Gambir extract
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