THREE Balancing Clear Lip Lotion
30mL 99% naturally derived ingredients

¥3,800 (excluding tax)


Leaves lips clean and hydrated for greater brightness.


The special lip lotion treats lips that are vulnerable to various problems.

The special formula places greater emphasis on safety, with the lotion composed of 99% botanical ingredients.

The multifunctional lip care lotion acts as a cleaner that removes lip color and dirt, as a booster that can be used before lip care, and as a lip treatment that can be used alone.

The thick texture moisturizes, cleanses, and clarifies lips.


■ Use for lip skincare before applying lipstick.

Makes the lips moisturized and clear for a more even lip color.

■ Use before care products such as lip balm.

Retains moisture and enhances the effects of treatment like a booster, and keeps fragile lips healthy.

■ Use after every meal to clean your lips.

Cleans and moisturizes lips, and helps to prevent drying.


How to use

Gently shake the bottle and apply an adequate amount (3 drops) to the corner of a folded tissue. Apply first to your upper lip, then your lower lip, and then apply it across your lips in a wiping motion along your lip contours.

<Essential oils>
Frankincense oil, Bergamot fruit oil, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil

<Botanical water>
Cranberry fruit water, Orange fruit water, Grapefruit water

Botanical extracts>
Thyme extract, Honey ferment filtrate
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