THREE Balancing Complexion Lip Oil C/R D/B
2mL 100% naturally delivered ingredients

¥3,500 each (excluding tax)


Makes lips soft and full with healthy tones.


The special oil-based serum for the lips helps create a natural lip color for a real, healthy, and beautiful impression.

Produces lip skin with a beautiful complexion, just as if a lipstick were applied, by massaging the lips by a spatula with a ball-shaped tip, while at the same time moisturizing the lips to enhance their fullness and stimulate blood circulation.


〈C/R〉For pale lips.

C/R contains blended oil with a slightly rich texture. It quickly penetrates the lips to make them full and moisturized, creating a healthy impression.


〈D/B〉For dark and dull lips.

D/B contains blended oils with a fresh and smooth texture. It gently covers the lips like veil to protect them from drying and chapping, producing a sense of clarity and brightness.


How to use

Lightly press a spatula with a ball-shaped tip to remove an excess, and then, gently apply to the lips along the outline of the mouth and vertical wrinkles.

Finally, gently move the spatula with the ball shaped tip right and left while rolling to apply over the lips.
THREE Balancing Complexion Lip Oil

<Essential oils>
Frankincense oil, Lavender oil, Orange peel oil, Petitgrain oil

<Botanical oils/fats>
Jojoba oil, Tea seed oil, Cacao butter, Meadowfoam oil

<Botanical Extracts>
Algae extract, Caper berry fruit extract, Alaria Esculenta extract

<Essential oils>
Frankincense oil, Rosemary oil, Bergamot fruit oil, Lavender oil

<Botanical oils/fats>
Jojoba oil, Tea seed oil, Cacao butter, meadowfoam oil, Pomegranate seed oil

<Botanical Extracts>
Caper Alge extract berry fruit extract, Crambe maritima extract, Algae extract
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