True beauty lies in living with a positive, open attitude,
respecting both the precious blessings of the natural world and oneself as a part of nature.
Enabling everyone living in the world of today to remain true to themselves
while instilling in them a sense of comfort.
In their minds, in their bodies and in their skin.


3 is the symbol of creation

For example, nature and technology
Sensibility and evidence
The mode that shows individuality and age

We present the “third value” that arises from the crossing of the contradictory
“two values” for high quality everyday life.


There is the natural power of our body that lets us stay comfortable and healthy.
THREE HOLISTIC CARE helps this power in many ways,
while it may be weakened by various factors of the modern society,
by using the gift from plant that exceeds human senses, such as essential oil.
We consider mind, body and skin together as a whole,
and bring you the feeling that reaches the “instinct” of beauty.


THREE Make up line that harmonizes smart mode with each facial expression.
The innovative neutral color and texture created by director RIE OMOTO
brings out the unique beauty effortlessly.
This presents the joy of waking up the charm inside you,
with the positive makeup that shows your individuality through,
instead of decorating with the existing beauty.